Research & Development

Research & Development

Since its establishment in 1994, Mirai Kosen Co., Ltd.(former Technos Co., Ltd.) has been involved mainly in the production and sales of wiping cloth and tape to be used in clean room.

With the diversification of user applications and the technological improvement of using lines, the quality wiping product is in higher demand than ever before. We offer the best products and services to meet customer satisfaction by working day after day on product research and development in the following areas:

  1. from yarn texturing to weaving and knitting processing of raw yarn,
  2. dyeing and finishing processing of woven knitted materials, including refining, splitting, and ultrapure water washing,
  3. high-precision cutting processing, and;
  4. highly-purified washing processing.

1: Coherent production from yarn texturing

Using a wide range of yarns, from regular polyester yarn to microfiber yarn, we have established a coherent production system from yarn texturing, weaving, dyeing and finishing, cutting, washing to finalized products, involving all group companies.

2: Plant and equipment investment

Equipment of group companies
High-speed draw texturing machines

High-speed draw texturing machines

Circular knitting machines

Circular knitting machines

On top of our accumulated experience and know-how, we introduce new equipment to all process lines to ensure the products be uniform in quality.

3: Joint development

Joint development

In order to meet customer needs, we are working on joint development with our customers in various fields, such as electricity, medical treatment, food, automobiles, and the interior.

We, at Mirai Kosen(former Technos) and the group companies, are putting our best efforts in the product research and development so as to meet customer satisfaction.