Conpany Profile


January 25, 1994
The company was founded.
Cutting operations were started in the head office and its factory.
The Tokyo sales office was opened.
April 2000
The second factory (P2) of the head office factory was completed.
A laser cutting machine was introduced.
Wiper washing operations in clean rooms were started.
November 2001
The R&D Center was completed.
March 2002
Acquired ISO14001 certification.
October 2003
The third factory (P3) of the head office was completed.
An additional laser cutting machine was installed.
An additional clean room was constructed; a wiper washing
capacity was upgraded.
April 2006
The Takefu factory was completed.
Started of processing textile stuff.
Established of an integrated system of production
from raw materials to sales of finished products.
April 2012
The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Maeda Kosen Co., LTD.
July 2012
The Tokyo sales office was moved.
February 2013
Consolidated the technical service division of Maeda Kosen Co., LTD.
January 2014
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
September 2016
The company name has been changed to Mirai Kosen Co.,LTd.